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About Gala

Gala Interiors (L.L.C) established in Dubai 2001 holding a trade license No. 596302 as a professional provider for Floor and wall tiling works, painting contracting, carpentry and floor contracting, engraving and ornamentation works and building cleaning services.

Gala Interiors (L.L.C.) makes cleaning easy by providing you with the following cleaning services: Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, House Cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning. Whether you are in your house, office or your store GALA helps you reduce the time, cost stress of the cleaning process, even if you’re in cleaning services or you need cleaning tips GALA professional team will support you.

Face it; we all have busy life and spending hours cleaning the house or the company which can take weeks is the time and effort wasting. Gala cleaning services will put you in contact with the services that you may need like:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Office Cleaning Services
  • Windows Cleaning
  • House Maid Cleaning Services
  • Signs Cleaning

Gala Interiors (L.L.C.) licensed and professional with experiences in this field, we made our reputation working in the following places:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Culture and Youth
  • Dubai Schools
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Private Places


Once stains have set in, cleaning your carpet can become quite frustrating. As much as possible you should immediately remove the stain before it sets deep into carpet. There are several ways of cleaning the carpet fast and easy but it will cost you a lot of money.

The fastest and easiest way to remove stains from your carpet after they set in is to hire professionals to steam clean your carpets. Steam cleaning, as recommended by most carpet manufacturers, is the best method for cleaning carpets. Hire GALA professional team if the stains on the carpet are those that cannot be easily removed such as chlorine, hair dyes, ammonia, and insecticides, among others.


Running a business can be difficult as is but keeping your place of business clean is another matter. Hiring maintenance people as part of your roster of employees could be expensive and impractical especially if your business is just starting out. Your office usually needs to be cleaned in the evening right after the place has been deserted by your people. What then are your opinions? GALA can provide your company with the cleaning service to do the job on a weekly or twice a week schedule. If you need to have your office cleaned more than twice a week, then this can be arranged with the cleaning service team.


Especially during summer when the weather is clear and sunny, having windows that sparkle are a joy! However, getting them this way might be a chore you aren’t looking forward to do. After all, windows do need to be cleaned on both sides (inside and outside) to achieve the results.

Cleaning windows can be a difficult task especially if you don’t clean them on a regular basis. Windows will appear cloudy, streaked or stained and sunlight will not be able to penetrate the glass. This will add up to your electric bill since it will be dark indoors and you need to open several lights. Not cleaning your windows will also give rise to stains that might be difficult to remove if they have accumulated on the glass panes and other parts at this time GALA will be your best option.


Your house is your sanctuary, need. Spending 8 or 12 hours to do grueling work can make you yearn for some peace and quiet time. You can’t wait to kick off your shoes and snuggle up in your bed or sofa while holding the remote control of your TV. All of these are pictured in your mind while opening your front door but your bubble of anticipation bursts when you get to see the real picture: YOUR HOUSE IS A MESS! HIRE A MAID! Why hire a maid to clean your house? The answer is right in front of you. Even if you promise yourself to clean the house on a regular basis there will always be a time that you get so caught up with work that you cannot do it yourself. But why ask GALA to do the job? It will be a good investment in keeping your house well maintained and you stress-free. So what if you can only get to schedule a general house cleaning once a month because you are tied down with work? And what if your house is filled with young kids and pets? Worse yet, you forgot that you will have a party this weekend and only have a day to clean the house? Don’t despair! The reason why they are maid services available is to help busy people like you. And that’s where GALA can help you.


There are dozens of types of flooring material found in house, factories and show rooms and other places, many specialized materials have very specific care instructions from the manufacturer, should be followed as closely as possible. Woven flooring tiles, commercial grade marmoleum, terrazzo, or finished concrete are occasionally found in homes, although because they usually require professional care, we will not go into detail with these types of floors. The other more common surfaces we will detail are wood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, and unfinished concrete.

Regardless of the type of floor, the two commonalities are that clean floors look better, and clean floors last longer, which will affect the overall appearance of the floor and carpet, wood, tiles, vinyl, and even unfinished concrete. Make it last by keeping it clean, and in GALA we have our special group with its machines and materials for this job.